The complete Delphian catalogue is available to buy online, in physical and digital formats via our Online Shop.

Individual tracks can be purchased from any album, and are priced according to duration. Unlike many online retailers, there are no tracks that are ‘album only’.

All titles are from our online shop in MP3 and AAC formats. Most recent titles are also available in FLAC – we are working to make the complete catalogue available in FLAC over the coming months. Please read on for more information about how these formats differ.

Digital formats

MP3: MPEG Layer-3. The most common digital music format and suitable for most listeners’ needs. This file type can be played by almost all devices and audio programs.

AAC: Advanced Audio Coding. A higher resolution file than an MP3 that takes up the same amount of space. Our AAC files are in MP4 format and are priced just slightly higher than MP3s.

FLAC: Free Lossless Audio Codec. This format offers the highest possible audio quality at the expense of a larger file size, and is ideal for listeners seeking high resolution, lossless audio. Our FLAC downloads have a slightly higher price than those in MP3 and AAC formats to reflect the higher quality. Delphian FLACs will always be made available in the highest quality native format. Our earlier titles are available at 44.1khz/24-bit, with more recent releases available at 96khz/24-bit.

Please note that FLAC files are not compatible with iTunes and are only playable through Windows Media Player with an additional CODEC installation.

How many times can I download my purchase?
You can download any items purchased via Delphian up to 5 times over a 30-day period. If you are having problems downloading your purchase, or have exceeded the 30-day period without fully downloading your files, please contact us for assistance.

Where else can I buy Delphian recordings?
You can also download our complete catalogue online from all good online retailers, including iTunes, AmazonPresto Classical & Arkiv Music.

Can I listen to Delphian recordings on streaming services?
Yes, the complete Delphian catalogue is available on Spotify and Apple Music.