Anna Friederike Potengowski

Anna Friederike Potengowski was born in 1975 in Weimar, Germany. She studied flute and chamber music at the Music Academy Dresden and the University of Arts in Berlin. Fascinated by the creation of contemporary musical language, she has performed with various ensembles, working together with composers including Martin Daske, Michael Nyman, Francis Rainey, Hans Rotman, Georg Wieland Wagner and Frieder Zimmermann. Her interest in discovering sounds brought her together with the ensemble Steelharmonie who gave concerts on bowed steel instruments constructed by Jan Heinke. For four years she was also associated with the Berliner Ensemble, performing contemporary and classical theatre music. Since the age of 16 she has found continual expression for her passion for intensive musical communication through her flute and guitar ensemble Les Alliées.

Her interest in the oldest known instruments arose from the artistic desire to simplify the mass of contemporary musical influences by going back to the very beginning of musical language. In doing so, she found that a huge musical vocabulary was potentially producible on apparently very simple bone and ivory instruments. In 2010 Potengowski started to work with flute reconstructions of Palaeolithic wind instruments. Her work has been supported by the Hermann-Haake-Stiftung. With the ensemble VentOs (specialising in contemporary music for Palaeolithic wind instruments and percussion) she has performed at a number of festivals and concert series in Germany and Great Britain. Potengowski also presents reconstructions of the instrument finds at archaeological conferences and her playing analyses of the reconstructions has been published in Archäologie in Deutschland, Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Urgeschichte and Studien zur Musiarchäologie, vol. X. She has recorded for the European Music Archaeology Project, British and Canadian Broadcasting Corporations, Deutschland Radio Kultur, WDR and the University of Tübingen.