Concerto Caledonia

Concerto Caledonia brings to life the classical and traditional music of Scotland’s history.

The group’s thirteen CD recordings include Robert Burns songs in their original versions, classical symphonies from Fife, early Scots fiddle music, and the unique sound of 18th-century Scottish-Italian crossover. Its contemporary recordings include music by Frank Zappa, Astor Piazzolla, Daniel Johnston and The Buzzcocks. The album Mungrel Stuff was a Sunday Times Record of the Year, and besides appearing regularly on BBC Radio 3, the group has also been broadcast on Radios 1, 2, and 4.

Live collaborations at the Edinburgh International Festival have included the story of Orpheus with extreme cabaret trio The Tiger Lillies, a programme which the group toured to Denmark and France; four concerts of historical Scottish music with guests including James Gilchrist, Martin Carthy and Katharine Fuge, which formed the basis of the live CD Late Night Sessions; and an exploration of the music of the 17th-century Scottish mercernary Tobias Hume, released in 2014. Revenge of the Folksingers, a 2010 project and recording bringing together traditional and early music at an Aldeburgh Residency, was followed in 2015 by the release of Purcell’s Revenge, showcasing the diverse influences on Purcell’s music. The group’s current project, named after Nathaniel Gow, recreates the musical world of a Scottish dance band from the 1780s.