Georg Wieland Wagner

Georg Wieland Wagner was born near Dresden in 1967. He studied classical percussion as well as percussion for contemporary music at the Dresden Music Academy under Professor Karl Jungnickel and, in addition, composition with Professor Manfred Weiss and later on with Hans Rotman in Amsterdam. He found his first employment as timpanist and percussionist in the orchestra of the State Theatre at Cottbus.

From an early age he has been interested in performing contemporary music, and has been involved in more than 250 first performances as well as recordings and televised performances in the field of contemporary music, often in collaboration with Annette Schlünz, Iris ter Schiphorst, Caspar René Hirschfeld and others, as composers or fellow performers.

His compositions include chamber and orchestral music, works for choir, songs and dances, and music for nearly 30 stage dramas, besides soundtracks for films and radio dramas. As a composer he has worked with Anna Huber, Jo Fabian, Johann Kresnik, Andreas Kriegenburg and others.

A dominant objective in his compositions is the amalgamation of concrete and nonconcrete sounds and the combination of traditional music instruments with things from daily life, transformed into sources of sound. In no case, however, are these combinations merely the result of an accidental process. Since 2013 Georg Wieland Wagner, together with the musician Ekkehard Floss, has been applying his conception of composition to music from the time of the Italian Renaissance. For this purpose, they founded the duo MARIMBAPAGANINI – ‘madrigal and tarantella from wood, stone and metal’.