National Youth Choir of Great Britain

The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB) provides the widest of musical experiences for over 750 young people aged 9-24. The various choirs are: Boys’ Choir, for trebles in school years 5-10 and Cambiata Voices, for boys undergoing voice change in school years 6-10: these choirs train together; Girls’ Choirs Junior and Senior, for girls in school years 6-10, which also train together; Training Choirs North and South, for mixed voices in school years 9-13; National Youth Choir, for mixed voices from school year 11 to age 22; and Chamber Choir for young professionals and those studying to become professional singers up to age 24.

NYCGB’s youngest singers have very different needs from those in their early twenties, and the choir structure enables it to nurture these musicians from their earliest potential, providing high quality mentoring and guidance through their musical development.

The twice-yearly residential courses run by NYCGB for each choir include intensive rehearsals, classes in musicianship and individual and group singing lessons, all of which take place in an environment which cultivate teamwork and leadership. The courses aim to develop performance skills at the highest level, challenging young singers to embrace a broad and diverse repertoire and to develop a flexible and creative approach to musical performance. In order to continue to offer a high quality artistic and educational programme, the choir engages with a diverse range of artists and educational bodies, nationally and internationally. By carefully monitoring and responding to this wider musical landscape, NYCGB continues to remain as relevant, supportive and exciting as possible.