Paul Baxter

Having already developed a reputation for recording student ensembles, Paul Baxter founded Delphian in the year 2000 after reading music at The University of Edinburgh. In the years since, he has grown Delphian into one of the foremost independent labels in the UK, incorporating folk and jazz as well as classical music, which forms the core of Delphian’s output. The label’s physical distribution network covers the globe, and Delphian titles are available from all key digital platforms. Baxter is noted in the industry for being outspoken about remuneration returned from certain streaming sites, and has written articles and contributed to discussion panels on that topic.

In 2016 Jo Buckley assumed management of Delphian; Baxter continues to steer the label’s artistic policy and produce Delphian’s recordings. As well as producing discs for labels such as Signum and Onyx, Baxter has produced almost every title on the Delphian catalogue.

In addition to his work with Delphian, Baxter has worked as advisor to theĀ National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, sat on the board of Mr McFall’s Chamber, is a director on the board of St Mary’s Music School (Scotland’s independent specialist music school), and chairs the board of Ludus Baroque.